International Students

VCUarts Qatar welcomes students from all over the world

  • VCUarts Qatar’s student body currently represents 41 nationalities; the faculty/staff body represents 16 nationalities.
  • VCUarts Qatar provides an internationally enriching study-environment in Doha, itself a global crossroads.
  • While application requirements and processes are the same for Qatari citizens, residents and international students, information related to arriving in Qatar and at VCUarts Qatar is unique for international students coming directly from abroad.

So that students receive appropriate guidance and advising, VCUarts Qatar classifies its students into the following categories:

  • Qatar citizens (or Qatar nationals). Students who hold a Qatar passport.
  • Qatar residents. Students who hold a passport from a country other than Qatar and who hold a valid Residence Permit (RP) in Qatar.
  • International students. Students who come to VCUarts Qatar from abroad. They hold a passport from a country other than Qatar, and do not currently hold a Qatar Resident Permit.

International students must contact the International Education Advisor at the Office of Student Affairs once they are admitted for assistance with enrollment matters, including campus  housing and entry-visas.

Office of Admissions

Al Luqta Street (P.O. Box 8095)
Doha - QATAR

T +974 4402 0530