Financial Matters

  • Tuition and fees are charged per semester/term.
  • Tuition charges are assessed at the expiry of the ‘add/drop’- period (see academic calendar) in accordance with a student’s course registration.
    • Students registered for 12-18 credits are classified as “full time enrolled” and charged the full-time tuition rate.
    • Students enrolled for more than 19 credits are charged an overload tuition fee above the full-time tuition rate.
    • Students registered for less than 12 credits are not considered to be full-time enrolled.
  • Tuition/fees charged must be paid off each semester. 
    • Students who carry outstanding balances are not able to register for courses for the subsequent semester.
  • Students who withdraw after the add/drop period has passed are refunded on a pro-rated basis, based on the date of withdrawal.
    • No refunds are issued after the fourth week of classes.
  • Funding support in the format of scholarships, financial aid loans, etc. offset the cost of tuition.
    • Students who are awarded funding support must submit a copy of the funding support letter from HBKU/QF, MADSLA or other agency to the Office of Record and Registration as soon as possible after confirming their intention to enroll at VCUarts Qatar.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to understand and comply with the policies and parameters set by the funding agency at it pertains to their scholarships, loans, etc.

Office of Admissions

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