Copyright & Academic Integrity

VCU Integrity and Intellectual Property Policies & Compliance

Copyright of student and faculty work is generally owned by the maker and permission to use the work must be requested.

VCU Integrity and Compliance Handbook
"Management personnel at every level are to set an ethical “tone” and to act as ethical role models for behavior in their administrative units. They should strive to create a culture that advances integrity..."  

VCU's Intellectual Property Policy and VCU Web Standards.
"University Members shall retain all rights relating to publication, preparation of derivative works, distribution, and classroom use of works which they have prepared on their own initiative,  including both papers published in scholarly journals or books, theses, and dissertations, provided the University does not possess rights of ownership as described below...The ownership of intellectual property or novel results from research developed by a student vests with the student..."

Permission / Authorization Forms

Use the VCUQatar Permission/Authorization forms  to seek permission to take and/or use photographs or video of people or people's work.

Academic Integrity

See information on the VCU Honor system adressing plagiarism, cheating, and other areas of academic dishonesty. Make sure everything you write is your own. Learn to cite correctly when referencing the work of others.  Ask Library and Writing Center staff for assistance.