03) Figurative Sketching

  • A beginner’s level class for the basics of drawing the human figure. Students will learn how to visually deconstruct human figures into basic forms, to understand how the body is anatomically connected, and how it all parts work in relation to one another. They will also be learning how to draw dynamic and perspective poses. The aim of the class is to help students to be able to draw the human figure as anatomically accurate as possible in a variety of stationary or moving human figure pose from memory, utilizing the collection of techniques taught in class.

Class Outline

1. Deconstruction and reconstruction of the human figure.

2. Drawing moving, sitting, and laying down poses.

3. Field trip and drawing live figures (negotiable amongst the class and the instructor)

4. Drawing human figures from imagination.

Please note: VCUQatar reserves the right to cancel classes for which not enough participants are registered. Already paid fees will be refunded.

Please do not purchase materials until VCUQatar has sent final course confirmation.

Items to buy for this class


-Pencil (B - 8B)


-Eraser (rubber and/ or putty)

-Black pen (ball pen and/ or artist drawing pen)

-A3 + A4 sketchbooks.

On occasions, there may be some more materials to be bought and brought in if and when advised by the instructor.

Where to buy your materials

Most of the materials are available from any art supply shop, for example:

  • Cass Art (Fire station): Community Classes students get a 15% discount upon presenting the registration ticket
  • Jarir Bookstore: on Rayyan Road or Salwa Road
  • Color Note: on Al Nasser Street
  • Ibn Al Qayyim: at Markhiya Roundabout
  • Al Rawnaq

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Participants must buy their own materials

Mon, 14 Oct, 2019
Wed, 6 Nov, 2019
Mondays and Wednesdays
6:00pm - 8:00pm
VCUarts Qatar, Room
QAR 1000


Nourbanu Feras Hijazi

MFA in Design, from Virginia Commonwealth University of the Arts in Qatar, Qatar, 2018.
BFA in Fine arts and Design, University of Sharjah, UAE, 2015. 

Nourbanu is an artist and designer, her artworks are aimed at exploring the human condition, specifically internal conflicts and mortality. Examining these elements from a philosophical and psychological perspective, though surreal and mythological themes. Playing with the contrast of childish and bright colored drawings, that on closer inspection depict grim narratives. Investigating these concepts through a combination of painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media, via illustration, and representational abstract art.

She is based in Doha, Qatar. She has worked with galleries and museums in Doha, Lebanon, and the UAE. As different roles including artist assistant, researcher, curator assistant, and tour guide. Exhibiting her artworks at international and national galleries. She has experience in conducting education painting and drawing sessions to the public.