08) Watercolor Painting (Basics)

This is an introduction to watercolor painting focusing on the use of the transparent medium to explore both abstract and realistic subjects. Participants will learn tips for mixing paint and handling brushes, basic wash techniques and capturing the effects of light. The topics covered will include negative painting, basic color tips, painting from still life, and using photographs as sources for cityscape and landscape subjects.

Class Outline

  1. Introduction to watercolor painting and materials – view a wide variety of historical and contemporary watercolor painting examples. Tips for stretching watercolor paper and using the brushes to make a variety of lines and shapes will be introduced. Students also will be introduced to flat washes and value scales.
  2. Introduction to negative painting techniques using flat, graded and variegated washes.
  3. View a variety of watercolor still life examples. Paint from a still life arrangement using washes and negative painting techniques. Tips for making preliminary sketches and for creating interesting negative shapes will be introduced.
  4. Painting from still life continued. Discuss art elements and principles.
  5. View a variety of watercolor landscape painting examples and begin creating dynamic compositions with a focus on landscape painting, using photographs for reference.
  6. Exploration of color schemes and color mixing with tips for creating beautiful shadows.
  7. Landscape painting continued.
  8. Tips for putting the finishing touches on paintings and cutting a hinged matt to display watercolor paintings.

Please note: VCUQatar reserves the right to cancel classes for which not enough participants are registered. Already paid fees will be refunded.

Please do not purchase materials until VCUQatar has sent final course confirmation.

Items to buy for this class

  • Artist-quality watercolor paints, i.e. Winsor & Newton's Cotman Water Colour - 12 x 8ml tube set
  • A3 watercolor paper: cold-pressed 140lb, approx. 20 pages slightly textured, would be appropriate
  • Watercolor brushes: No.12 or No.14 synthetic round, 1- or 2-inch flat (a large hake), No. 2 or No.4 flat synthetic with stiff bristles for scrubbing, a rigger or one of No.2 or No.4 round synthetic
  • The watercolor palette for color mixing (ceramic or Plastic with wells, with a lid if possible)
  • Drawing pencil (2B & 4B) or watercolor pencils, soft eraser, 2 small plastic water containers (with a lid if possible), a sponge, a scraper (used for outdoor painting and often available at a hardware store), a hair dryer, a knife for cutting paper
  • A roll of gummed tape in dark beige: available at Cass (Fire Station), Carrefour, or Family Food Center (Al Rayyan Branch)

On occasions, there may be some more materials to be bought and brought in if and when advised by the instructor.

Where to buy your materials

Most of the materials are available from any art supply shop, for example:

  • Cass Art (Fire station): Community Classes students get a 15% discount upon presenting the registration ticket
  • Jarir Bookstore: on Rayyan Road or Salwa Road
  • Color Note: on Al Nasser Street
  • Ibn Al Qayyim: at Markhiya Roundabout
  • Al Rawnaq

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Wed, 22 Jan, 2020
Wed, 11 Mar, 2020
5:30pm - 8:30pm
VCUarts Qatar
QAR 1500


Yeon Geong Hwang

Yeon Geong Hwang is a rigorous hard-worker and workaholic awarded with graduating from VCUartsQatar as Valedictorian with a BFA in Graphic Design. 

She is a driven and organized designer with a range of experiences from interning at Al Jazeera Media Network to creating illustrations. She is skilled in communication to a diverse audience through a global background, with the understanding of different cultures and languages. 
Her artworks awarded with the Qatar Foundation (QF) Scholarship of Creative Innovation following her artistic portfolio. As a constant, quick observer, she produces artworks with rigorous details. She also investigates her endless creative potentials, not limited to format, from Adobe CC to 3D prints.

With all her creative talents and hard works, she has been actively participating in teaching through VCUartsQatar’s community classes over four years.

She is an active artist and designer, showcasing her designs at her website:  www.yeongeonghwang.com and her illustrations at other website www.whatisabsurd.com.