Financial Information

Fee Schedule

Students must pay all tuition and related fees by stated deadline dates. Students with outstanding balances will have a "hold" place on their student-record (student-account), which prevents them from registering for courses for a subsequent term, or from gaining access to their official transcripts/diplomas.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

For a schedule of tuition and fees, please see: Undergraduate Cost of Study



Graduate Tuition and Fees

For a schedule of tuition and fees, please see: Graduate Cost of Study

Payment Information

  • Students will be invoiced by the Qatar Foundation for tuition and fees. The QF-invoice will be sent to each student's vcu-email shortly after the start of the term. 
  • All tuition charges must be paid in full upon receipt of invoice, unless other arrangements are made.
  • Comprehensive, books and materials fees must be paid by the student to QF before the student may receive textbooks or student materials. A receipt showing payment was made must be presented by the student to obtain text books or materials.
  • Payments for tuition and fees may be made in person or by check to the Qatar Foundation. 
  • Checks must be made out as follows: Made payable to "Qatar Foundation". Checks must also include the student's full name (first, middle, and last), as well as VCUQatar ID#. Checks sent by mail must be sent to the following address: 

Qatar Foundation
Finance Department
P.O. Box 5825
Doha, Qatar

Installment Plans

​Students who are not in the position to pay their tuition/fee invoices in full, may request to be considered for an Installment Payment Plan. Please contact VCUarts Qatar's Finance Office. 

Past Due Accounts

Students with unpaid balances will have a hold placed on their student records. Such holds prevents students from the following:

  • Register for classes in a subsequent term;
  • Receive official transcripts from VCUQatar or diplomas from VCU;
  • Be issued exit visas.

Refund Policy

  • The refund policy in place at VCUQatar mirros the policy at its home campus, VCU, in Richmond, Virginia, USA, and is outlined in the table below. 
  • Refunds are calculated on a course-by-course basis, without regard to the full-time cap amounts.
  • Students reducing their academic course load to less than full time (12 credits) before the end of the last day to drop a course will be entitled to a refund of tuition and applicable fees reflecting the reduced course load. 
  • Students who are enrolled in the maximum number of credit hours and withdraw to part-time enrollment, and students who are in overload status and withdraw to the full-time credit hour maximum may not receive a refund.
  • A full refund of tuition and applicable fees for short courses (less than six weeks in length) will be granted if the course is dropped no later than the day following the first day of a given class. Partial refunds are not granted for short courses.
  • Refunds will be computed based on the actual withdrawal date as recorded by the Office of Records and Registration. 
  • Refunds will only be made to students who have completed the required withdrawal procedure whether they have attended the class or not. 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to request corrections to errors on the student’s schedule. 
  • Refund processing will take approximately two weeks. 
  • Exceptions to this refund policy are made only in rare instances based upon extenuating circumstances. Written application for an exception must be filed with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Withdrawal/Drop Period

Drop / Withdrawal Period      Refund Tuition Retained 
Drop prior to end of Add/drop period      100% 0%
Withdraw second week of class    80% 20%
Withdraw third week of class     60% 40%
Withdraw fourth week of class 40% 60%
Withdraw after fourth week of class      0% 100%

Drop versus Withdrawal

  • Definition of "Drop": The student dropped a course, or from a set of courses, if s/he dropped them prior to the end of the stated Add/Drop period. For exact dates, please see the Academic Calendar. If students drop courses during the add/drop period, the student’s tuition charges will be fully refunded (credited back). 
  • Definition of "Withdraw": The student withdraws from a course, or from a set of courses, if s/he does so after the end of the stated Add/Drop period. A refund, if any, will be calculated according to the refund table above. A “W”-grade is recorded on the student’s transcript for any course from which s/he withdrew..
  • Requests for refunds of overpayment may be made in writing to:

Qatar Foundation
Finance Department
P.O. Box 5825
Doha, Qatar

Other expenses

To calculate the cost of their education, please make allowance for costs in addition to the tuition, fee, accommodation costs listed below. Consider also costs related to meals, clothing, travel, medical and health insurance, entertainment, and other personal or miscelaneous expenses. 

Statement of Student Financial Responsibility

Statement of Student Financial Responsibility

In order to attend VCUarts Qatar, students who register for courses are considered to:

  • Assume the responsibility of full payment of tuition and fees generated from registration
  • Must assume the responsibility of full payment of all room and board charges and other miscellaneous charges, if applicable
  • Must keep a current mailing address on file with the administrative office

The University reserves the right to revise or alter all fees, regulations pertaining to student fees and fee collection procedures at any time.

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