BFA Painting + Printmaking

  • A vibrant community of artists, scholars, and students are brought together within VCUarts Qatar’s four-year BFA Painting and Printmaking program. The curriculum is informed by a practice of studio work and research with strong emphasis on critical and creative thinking and is designed to impart technical skills and intelligence to build a student’s confidence in their discipline.

    The size and diversity of the faculty guarantee our students' exposure to multiple ideas and stylistic approaches. In addition, the department’s visiting artist and publishing program brings to campus leading figures in the world of contemporary art for discussions of their work, critiques of student work and workshops.

  • To artists working in this century and the globalized world, engaging in our academic studio program in painting and printmaking is akin to entering a workman-like laboratory to investigate and re-define visual culture.

    We welcome you to join us – to bring your intelligence, ambition, and can-do discipline – as we examine our historical precedents, and challenge the future of studio practice.

Why study Painting + Printmaking?

  • Tailor your own course of study

  • Engage in investigating and re-defining visual culture

  • Be part of an emerging Fine Art community

  • A rigorous, rewarding, multi-cultural experience


Year One - Foundation

Art History Survey I and II
Drawing Studio
Surface Research
Space Research
Time Studio
Project x2
Focused Inquiry I and II
Introduction to the University
Introduction to Contemporary Math
Social/Behavioral Science Elective

33 Credits

Year Two - Sophmore

Painting: Basic
Drawing: Basic
Concepts and Issues
Textual Analysis
Materials: Printmaking
Natural/Physical Science Elective
Basic Sculpture 1
Humanities Course
Writing and Rhetoric Workshop II

29 - 30 Credits

Year Three - Junior

Painting: Intermediate
Drawing: Intermediate
Printmaking: Intermediate
Studio Elective outside PAPR
PAPR Elective x2
Art History Elective x2

29 Credits


Total minimum requirement = 121 credits

Access the full list of courses here.

Year Four - Senior

Painting: Advanced
Printmaking: Advanced
Drawing: Advanced
Painting or Printmaking: Advanced
Senior Seminar (capstone)
Art History Elective
General Education Elective x2
Studio Elective outside PAPR

29 - 30 Credits


  • Rhys Himsworth

    Director of Painting & Printmaking

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  • Austin Aviles

    Artist in Residence

  • George Awde

    Assistant Professor

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  • Leekyung Kang

    Artist in Residence

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  • Michael Perrone

    Assistant Professor

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  • Roberta Fleming Jeffries

    Assistant Professor

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  • Zachary Stensen

    Assistant Professor

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  • Our drawing and painting studios are equipped with specialist homasote walls to fill with your drawings and paintings.

  • Etching studios support intaglio techniques with ventilated acid room, rosin box, hotplates, and a Takach press.

  • The lithography studio offers analogue and photographic aluminum plate printing and even uses a solar system to generate distilled water for printing.

  • Make copies of your work using our well equipped screen or digital printing laboratories.

  • Turn your work into a book, by using our book binding facilities.

  • Our unique Materials Library offers a range of materials from across the World.

  • Our Library is full of books, magazines and DVDs to inspire you.

Fieldtrips & Workshops



Internships are available for Painting and Printmaking students each semester, giving students the opportunity to work with professionals in the field, learning how galleries are run, experiencing museum work, and assisting artists in their studios and workshops.

The Internships provide hands-on learning for acquiring important skills and knowledge to help students succeed in the art world. PAPR elective credit and a grade will be assigned for the Internship period.

Mathaf Voices

Run by The Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art, the Mathaf Voices program encourages students to engage with the museum and make it their own. Students joining the Mathaf Voices program will be able to lead exhibition tours based on their own perspectives as well as assist with public programs and special events.

Artists in Residence Program

The VCUarts Qatar Fellowship Artist in Residence program brings in emerging artists to work within the Department of Painting and Printmaking as artists in residence. The department supports two fellowships, one open to recent BFA graduates from the Painting and Printmaking program of the VCU Richmond campus, the other open to recent MFA graduates from Painting and Printmaking programs across the world.

Current fellows: Maria Stabio, Emily Sokes.

Previous fellows: Lauren Pakradooni, Vreni Micheline-Castillo, Cosima Storz.

More about the program and how to apply »

Publishing Program

In addition to an active and ambitious program of visiting artists, lecturers and artists in residence, the department of Painting and Printmaking also operates a printmaking publishing program. The program collaborates with local, regional and international artists in the publishing of editions of prints, artists books and the realization of research projects within printmaking.