24 November 2016

Parallels - an Exhibition by VCUQatar’s Painting & Printmaking Seniors

Currently on display at Qatar Foundation's Recreation Center gallery is Parallels, an exhibition by VCUQatar's senior Painting & Printmaking students.

Parallels is a group of artists coming together in one point in time to exhibit works, in essence a crossroads of different paths synthesized in parallel, both visually and conceptually.

It is borne out of and reflective of the reality, yet visually chaotic. Cyclic in nature, it is the next step and point in time foreshadowing future points of time in parallel.

Parallels, by VCUQatar's senior Painting & Printmaking students, will run to January 13 at Qatar Foundation's Recreation Center gallery.

The exhibition opening took place on November 30 from 6-9PM.

It is open to the general public. 

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