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21 November, 2006

College Night at The Four Seasons

VCUQ recently hosted this event for potential students to learn about the opportunities that VCUQ offers them.

The aim of College Night was for potential students to learn about the opportunities that VCUQ offers them. These opportunities reflect traditional beliefs about persevering culture as well as modern ideas about using education to achieve professional goals.

"VCUQ will go co-ed in the Fall of 2007 and we want to take every opportunity available to us to let potential students know that design is a dynamic field for both men and women. In the Fall of 2007 men will only be allowed into the freshman class so students already enrolled will continue to experience single sex education but after that we hope to be a fully integrated co-ed school, which is in keeping with the vision of her highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned" explained Valerie Jeremijenko Assistant Dean for Student Affairs VCUQ.

Throughout the evening VCUQ faculty and staff members explained in both English and Arabic, potential career opportunities in each field of design, the various application requirements and procedures, TOEFL and portfolio requirements and the application fee and possibilities for scholarships.

VCUQ Chairs for each of the design disciplines; fashion, interior and graphic explained their subjects in detail and talked about career opportunities relating to each discipline. This interaction between faculty and potential students equiped students with the information they need to pursue a meaningful higher education in arts and design.

VCUQ is accepting applications from September 1 for the Fall of 2007 and potential students are encouraged to start the application process early. The deadline for applications is April 30 2007. Male students will only be accepted into freshman year, transfers will not be accepted.