MFA MFA in Design

  • The MFA in Design defines and inhabits an area between design disciplines. The purpose of our program is to produce designers who are experts at negotiating and utilizing elements of many different fields to construct new tailored experiences.

    Tomorrow’s designers must be able to understand their audiences, collaborators and patrons in original and authentic ways. Global cultures already experience design in a singular fashion. Our practices combine graphics, interaction, engineering, systems, architecture, fashion and product design into a merged experience.

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  • Designers who are able to work outside their individual discipline will be at an advantage. The designers of the future will need to navigate between forms of practice, combining elements and skills to create new products, visuals, environments and interactions.

Why study MFA in Design?

  • Creative and motivated students required

  • Students open to explore and experiment

  • Celebrating 'Empirical Vagueness'


First Semester

Studio in Digital Design & Fabricatication Technology
Design Research Methodologies
Interdisciplinary Design Seminar
Design Studio One

15 Credits

Second Semester

Material and Methods Studio
Studio in Visual Communications
Design Studio Two
Approved Studio Elective

15 Credits

Third Semester

Design Strategies & Ethics for Business
Design Studio Three
Design Thesis Research & Formulation
Studio Elective

15 Credits


Total = 60 credits

Fourth Semester

Design Research Studio: Leadership & Entrepreneurship
Teaching Practicum in Design (or) Design Internship
Thesis Design Studio

15 Credits


  • Rab McClure

    Director of Graduate Studies

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  • Thomas Modeen

    Associate Professor

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  • Diane Derr

    Associate Professor

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  • Marco Bruno

    Assistant Professor

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  • Our digital fabrication laboratory offers 3-D rapid prototyper and scanner, vacuum former, fabric printer and laser cutter.

  • Create your own work space in our well equipped studios.

  • Physical computing facilities.

  • Within our wood workshop you will find a variety of saws, drill presses, sanders, planers and hand tools.

  • Use our photography, multimedia and video studios equipped with a green screen room.

  • Our Library provides a range of books, magazines and DVDs on all aspects of design.

  • The materials library offers a range of sample materials from fabrics, glass, plastics, ceramics and recycled materials.

Fieldtrips & Workshops


Visiting Artists

Each year VCUarts Qatar welcomes visiting artists and designers to campus to share their expertise and experiences. Drawn from across the globe, these artists, designers, educators are highly accomplished and recognized within their respective design fields. They share their knowledge through lectures, conferences or specific workshops, broadening our students’ creative experiences and complementing our multi-cultural approach to design.

Many visiting artists have inspired our MFA in Design students including:

Fiona Raby, Jan Wilker, Marije Vogleszang.


Internships are a great way for students to gain hands-on experience in a professional design environment. VCUarts Qatar’s internships form part of the core curriculum and all students are expected to undertake a 120-hour placement often in their Senior Year. Internships are generally unpaid but may lead to sponsorship or employment after graduation. All placements are managed by the faculty internship coordinator with contracts, reporting documents and timesheets to ensure the highest professional standards are maintained.

Our MFA in Design students have been offered internships at several leading organisations within Qatar including:

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Lusail Consultants LLC, The Center of Design Innovation (CoDI).