Archives & Special Collections

Archives & Special Collections

Archives Collection

The VCUQatar University Archives collects, appraises, organizes, describes and makes accessible materials related to the history of Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQatar). The archives provide an “institutional memory” for the university – its spirit of growth and development, its active campus life and its unique position as a branch campus of Virginia Commonwealth University located in Richmond, Virginia. Our collection begins with records relating to the Shaqab School of Design Arts, the forerunner of VCUQatar, in 1998, which was the first school at Education City in Doha, Qatar. The types of materials held are programs, brochures, posters, digital photographs, photographs, videos, newspaper clippings, correspondence and publications. Material contained in the archives is both physical materials and digital objects.

Donate to the Archives

Remember the people who will be working and studying in VCUQatar in 100 years’ time! They will want to know what we were studying, teaching, creating and talking about in the far past. If you have material that might be of interest, please contact us.

Digital Collections

The digital images that are collected by the VCUQatar University Archives are accessible in the LUNA database. 

Accessing LUNA

Every student and faculty member has a username and password to access LUNA – please contact us if you do not know them. LUNA is available on campus or from home with a VPN connection. Click here to go to LUNA. To log-in to LUNA, please use your computer username and password. 

Basic LUNA searching instructions

Using images from LUNA

Please note the images published in LUNA are for archival purposes only and are not for commercial use. They may be used for educational or promotional purposes within the VCUQatar community but permission must be sought to use the images in the following ways: to reproduce it; publish it; communicate the work to the public (for example by uploading it to the internet). Copyright may sit with the person who has created the artwork depicted or the photographer. Permission to use the image of the person/people in the photograph may also be necessary.

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