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3 December, 2017

FARFASHA- The Fall Library Fest

The VCUQ community had an entertaining afternoon with 'FARFASHA'-The Fall Library Fest! The end of the semester celebration was a fun filled event with music, performances, games, henna and food.

1 November, 2017

Art & Anatomy

Why is that the medical illustration captures our imaginations? It is because it is a work of art. Today, artists are grasping anatomy from the medical world and reviving it through art in the most imaginative and artistic ways. But if you go to the Renaissance Age, you can see that there was only a fine line of distinction between an artist and an anatomist. To be an artist, for many in the  Renaissance age, meant to be an anatomist and, some of the best medical illustrations were produced during this time. The study of anatomy fascinated Leonardo da Vinci, the most artistically gifted scientist and scientifically acute artist of his age.

Check out our book display on art and anatomy and find more about the spellbinding art of anatomy.

27 October, 2017

Keep track of the latest books we have available

See our newest books on our 'Good Reads' list:

Click here to see more...

26 October, 2017

Modern Prayer Rug Design Exhibition

The Materials Library at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar is pleased to announce the dates for the Modern Prayer Rug Exhibition:  October 12 - November 30, 2017 at Company House, Msheireb Museums in Doha.  Opening event at 6pm on October 12. Please visit the competition website for more information.

19 October, 2017

Book display-Life of an artist

Who is an artist? Which personality traits stand out for an artist or a designer? What are the steps in his creative process? In our main book display, we tried to tell the story of an artist through some book titles. Check out the display and see if you can relate to these titles!

18 September, 2017

META Books

The Interior Design junior students produced the 'META' books documenting their work for Spring 2017 in three IDES courses namely,  IDES 201, IDES 202 and IDES 212. The classes were taught by Dr. Erik Johan, Mohammad Suleiman and Dr. Haithem. The book lauch event was held at the library and the books are now on display.

29 August, 2017

Magne-View-New at the VCUQ Materials Library

Magnetic fields are everywhere, we just can't see them. With Magne-View films you can see  the magnetic fields! Magne-View films are micro-encapsulated film which enables the user to view a static magnetic field commonly emitted by permanent magnets or DC electromagnets. See and learn more about this magic film at the VCUQ Materials library.

21 August, 2017

Books on Prayer Rugs

Prayer rugs occupy a significant position in the history of Islamic rugs. They have an undeniable charm and has an aesthetic attraction quite beyond its ritual use. The patterns, motifs, colors and the weaving techniques used in the ancient rugs are so distinctive that they can tell you their origin, which tribe or village they were woven by and what message they tried to embody.

The library has a collection of books on reserves on prayer rugs, carpets and Islamic design. See a list of books on rugs in our 'goodreads' list. Explore, and learn more about the world of rugs with the amazing books!

22 June, 2017

Book display-History of fashion

The VCUQ library has a new featured book display on the history of fashion.

Fashion is a distinctive feature of the evolution of human being and culture.  The journey of fashion through different civilizations and historical periods is amazing.  Check out the display and discover the beauty and mystery that imbues the world of fashion and the roles it has played in the society.

19 June, 2017

Library display-pop-up books

Check out the new library display on pop-up books! The display has two sections. One section of the display highlights the books made by the Graphic Design students (Class of 2018), team taught by Law Alsobrook and Leland Hill. The next section displays pop-up books from the Special collections.

The art of pop up books requires craft and creativity. The Pop-up book artists combine art, science and creative imagination. They are sculptors using paper as their medium.

The VCUQatar Libraries Special Collections has a good number of pop up books supporting the course in book design.

26 May, 2017

Summer Chill

The VCUQ Library organized 'Summer Chill', a fun filled event with music, games, prizes, photo booth, food and more!

25 April, 2017

Three Quartets by Kamal Boullata

Three Quartets composed of twelve silkscreen prints is an amazing work by the artist Kamal Boullata. Kamal Boullata is a Palestinian artist and art historian. His works are primarily done in acrylic and abstract in style focusing on the ideas of division in Palestinian identity.

Three Quartets is composed of twelve hand-printed silkscreen prints mounted on board. The artwork evolved from the idea of dividing the square into vertical and diagonal proportions in a gradational ratio that was originally proposed by the nineth century Arab mathematician Thabit Ibn Qurra.

The twelve hand-printed silkscreen prints are dated, numbered and signed by the artist and is limited to sixty that are numbered from 1/60 to 60/60. The VCUQ Libraries proudly acquires the 31/60 of the work and becomes the only library to own this treasure.

13 April, 2017

Library display-Books on Qatar

Come see the new display in the library featuring books on Qatar from the Special Collections. The VCUQ Library has a good collection of books and media on Qatar in our Special Collections. 

4 April, 2017

Art in the Library

For the Art in the Library series, the VCUQatar Libraries is proud to exhibit the work of Yousef Bahzad, a PAPR major.

Please stop by the library to see Yousef's Beautiful work.

21 March, 2017

The VCUQ Materials Library in ‘The Peninsula’

The VCUQ Materials Library is featured in The Peninsula newspaper. Check out the article!

20 March, 2017

The book display-‘Analog & Digital’

In the last several decades, all of us have witnessed a gradual evolution from analog to digital. These radical changes have also been well reflected in art and design methodologies and practices. The book display showcases art and design books that highlight this transition.

12 March, 2017

Ferro Fluid- New at VCUQ Materials Library

Ferro Fluid is a liquid that reacts to a magnetic field. The designs and patterns it creates when in contact with a magnet are mesmerizing! Find more about this freaky fluid at VCUQ Materials Library!!

1 March, 2017

ZUHOOR-The Spring Library Fest

The VCUQ community enjoyed a fun filled afternoon with music, performacnes, games, henna and food with Zuhoor, The Spring Library Fest!!

26 February, 2017

Student Projects in the Library

Amazing models by Sophomore interior design students are displayed in the library. 

20 February, 2017

The VCUQ Libraries in the Gulf Times

The VCUQ Libraries are featured in the Gulf Times to celebrate Library Lovers' Month! 

19 February, 2017

The VCUQ Materials Library in QF Telegraph

The VCUQ Materials Library is featured in QF Telegraph !

Check it out!

Issue 180

Date Published: January 29, 2017

25 March, 2014

Learn a new Language - Mango Languages is now available!

The VCUQ Library is pleased to announce that it has added Mango Languages to its list of online resources!

  • 45 foreign language courses
  • 18 ESL courses
  • Online, self-paced instruction
  • Engaging and intuitive interface

Click here to go to Mango. Create personalized login and you are ready to start learning!

23 February, 2013

Materials Library

The VCUQatar Materials Library is a unique resource of material samples and printed information on materials and products. The Library holds a wide variety of unusual and innovative material samples, from a bamboo bicycle to dayglo fun fur. More>>

5 February, 2013

New Books Shelf

Come by and browse the new books shelf on the right side of the library service desk. New books arrive every day and the display is renewed every week.