Innovative Media Studio

Physical Computing Workshops
During the 2013/2014 academic year MaML will be conducting workshops on the basic principles and practices of physical computing – giving artists and designers the opportunity to incorporate interactive media into their creative practice. Participates will be introduced to electronics and open-source hardware and software through the discourse of interactive media.

Past Workshops:

Using Physical Computing to Augment Experience
November 23rd, 2013 and January 18, 2014






The workshop will introduce participants from the HBKU campus and Doha community to open-source hardware and software – including digital/analog sensors and micrcontrollers, in the augmentation and mediation of the physical, tangible environment. The workshop will included a brief introduction to the Arduino Development Environment, its capabilities and limitations, as well as provide an opportunity experience the process hands-on. Participants will produce a small interactive device.

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