Innovative Media Studio


MaML-Studio contains a Time-Based lab, a Physical Computing Lab, multiple fleets of professional grade video cameras, photo cameras, lighting gear, audio recorders, a variety of microphones, physical computing kits and various input, processing and output devices for designing, creating and experimenting with interactive media systems, structures and experiences. The studio provides a unique and exciting opportunity for students, faculty and staff to work with emerging technologies in a collaborative research-driven academic environment.

MaML-Studio facilities and equipment provide access and instruction to students and faculty working with innovative, emerging media art and design practices including (but not limited to) chroma technologies, physical computing, video mapping, arudino, open-frameworks, immersive environments, and the essentials of interactive design.

MaML-Studio is comprised of a variety of equipment, spaces and software packages for realizing ideas in the fourth dimension – time + motion. Facilitating the production of time-based and interactive work, this facility contains a variety of industry standard studio production equipment, a ProCyc 4FS Cyclorama green screen, 7 post-production editing stations and multiple fleets of portable equipment. MaML provides students, faculty and staff with the necessary tools for an integrated workflows, serving as a resource to investigate strategies and techniques relevant to time-based and interactive media.

Resources and facilities are available to all programs. Programs are encouraged to plan curricular integration of these resources a semester in advance of planned use. Beyond preplanned use the MFA program is generally given priority for use of this equipment. Pending availability, other students, faculty and staff may access the equipment and facilities. Please see Diane Derr in room 224 to develop plans to integrate these resources in a course, project or program and for any additional information.