Innovative Media Studio

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Dissonance at Six  by Tegan Bristow

Dissonance at Six is an experiment in interactive recursive graphics, with a focus on the number six.  If you look closely at plants, the way they grow is recursive, copying the same leaf or stalk, but just up from the lost and at a new angle. Recursion is a computational method drawn from nature. I find this fascinating and wanted to explore it aesthetically through interaction. I designed the piece to get participants actively working together. I believe that coherence or clarity in the world comes from people  sharing and cooperating with one another. I also question the limit of this cooperation and where we lose sight of the end-game.

Dissonance at Six encourages participants to develop the image together. Every time a new participant joins the scene. a recursive tree pattern literally grows. This continues becoming more extravagant till six participants have joined in. At this point all the “leaves” fly off the “trees” until the number of participant’s drops below six again.

Six is a number linked to creation; in that in many creation myths the world is created in six days. Six is also a perfect number because it alone reforms itself by addition of its’ half, its third and its sixth. It also represents the point prior to chaos, and yet in religious texts  it is considered Imperfect and of the earth, and the addition of one  makes it part of ethereal.









Dissonance at Six, Wits Art Museum, 2013