Innovative Media Studio

The Innovative Media Studio, MaML, at VCUQatar is a teaching and research platform dedicated to investigating the expansive field of emergent time-based and interactive media technologies in art + design practice and research.

MaML works with time-based and interactive media to investigate developing communication strategies and structures within our global landscape through an interdisciplinary approach to creative practice and research.

About / Purpose
The incorporation and implementation of emergent media in research practice spans a wide-range of territories. It provides unprecedented opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations bridging traditionally isolated disciplines, particularly between and within the arts, the humanities, and the sciences.

The focus of MaML is reflective of this shift in how we communicate and share knowledge through research and collaborative innovation within our interconnected global landscape. As participants in this landscape we too no longer operate within compartmentalized infrastructures. Rather, we operate in a territory of shared knowledge with increasing access to previously inaccessible information and resources. Through emergent media in research and creative practice MaML not only reflects and expands upon this but also takes advantage of the opportunities it presents.

MaML seeks to support and engage in teaching, learning, and research initiatives across Hamad Bin Khalifa University through the following:

  • undergraduate and graduate courses
  • faculty workshops
  • student and faculty tutorial sessions
  • access to facilities and equipment
  • an ongoing exhibition series

Qatar, and more specifically HBKU provides’ a unique opportunity to explore and expand on these developing frameworks for interdisciplinary collaborations. Nowhere else in the world is there such a unique and distinctive convergence of scientists, doctors, journalists, engineers, artists, and designers from such a broad spectrum of research. MaML embodies the HBKU mission of innovative, collaborative research engagements exploring and demonstrating interdisciplinary partnerships within diverse disciplines. Under the pioneering guidance of Her Highness Sheika Moza and the Qatar Foundation, Hamid Bin Khalifa University is positioned as one of the prominent academic institutions in the world. With leading programs in engineering, medicine, business, computer science, art, design, journalism, communication studies, and archeology Hamid Bin Khalifa University is at the forefront of research in both the humanities and the sciences. MaML provides the ideal incubator for interdisciplinary exploration and investigation between and within these terrains.

In order to achieve truly interdisciplinary collaborations that enhance the teaching, learning and research of students and faculty while utilizing the wealth of research occurring in the country of Qatar, MaML initiates and supports collaborations with local, regional, and international researchers and practioners in the fields of biology, health, art, design, computation, archeology, communication, chemistry and engineering.

MaML is a division of the VCU-Qatar Library system.