Mission & Vision


The graphic design department, through its teaching, research, and service, embraces its cross-cultural circumstance of being part of an American educational institution in Qatar.

The mission is to prepare students to play an influential role in the variety of disciplines that promotes a holistic view of the performance of design interventions and the design practices of the future.

We realize this through individual and collaborative investigations in – visual communications, problem seeking, creative problem solving, professional practice, theory, history, culture, and the self.

We strive to create an environment that continually motivates individuals to actively engage in exploring, inquiring, and contemplating the world around us.

We focus on experimentation, application and integration of new technologies, traditional practices, and interdisciplinary approaches within the curriculum so as to foster innovative, sustainable, and meaningful development of graphic design’s practice and culture within Qatar and the global stage.

We actively facilitate student learning exploring methodologies that widen the scope of the students’ educational experience.


Empower students through design practice and research.

Department Values

Adaptability Aggressiveness Being flexible and changing in response to new circumstances
Rigor Pursuing goals vigorously Thorough, in-depth
Strictness in hard work    Broad-minded Openness accepting varied viewpoints
Opinions Being straightforward, sincere, candid Collaboration
Consideration Working together to solve real problems Positive dynamic
Creativity Experimentation Innovation developing new ideas and applying development
Initiative Achieving personal frowth Seizing opportunity
Honesty Ethical Taking responsibility without hesitation
Integrity Being morally principled Being fair, frank, thruthful and sincere
Innovative approaches Original approaches to problem seeking Solving
Risking Process Learning
Teaching Abitlity to impart ad acquire knowledge Authenticity
Strategic Considered Consolidated planning
Thoughtful Action Sustainabilty
Learning Consideate of the individual Environment
Economy Culture  

Department Principles

Articulate and current lectures Problems
Cognizant of material Information in other courses
Collaborative Independent teaching and learning
Disseminate research Teaching and learning
Engaged in research Independent and collaborative
Ensure balanced local Global knowledge
Good planning Initiate purposefully
Innovate teaching methodologies Integration of technologies
Experiences Courses
Open classrooms Open media in all courses
Research Problem seeking
Process Problem Solving
Student centered Teaching through design thinking
Theory to practice Utilize faculty for their acuities

Student Experience

Concerned with sustainability contextually conscientious
Design thinkers developing independent thinkers
Establishng rigor Ethical practices
Experimental Flexible media
Mentors Cross level learning
Teaching Meta-cognition
Problem seekers Process orientation