Crossing Boundaries Lectures: Dice Kayek

Istanbul Contrast: Defining a City through Fashion

Monday, April 2 at 7pm: Fire Station Cinema

Tuesday, April 3 at 1pm: VCUarts Qatar's Atrium

Creating contradictory sensations through the usage of opposing ideas, forms and fabrics has always been Dice Kayek's modus operandi. Their approach to fashion is shaped by their research of impossible unions, and to find minimal, yet meaningful ways to combine the unexpected. "Istanbul Contrast", inspired by and dedicated to Sublime Porte's harmonious contradictions, is the culmination of this research. 

After almost two decades since Ayse and Ece Ege founded Dice Kayek, they felt the urge to go beyond the temporality of fashion and look deeper into their primal source of fascination: Istanbul, an indefinable city belonging neither to the West nor to the East, blending the wisdow of traditions and a flair for modernity. Characterized by its magically coexisting contrasts, they were wondering how they could translate Istanbul's rich architectural, cultural and religious diversity into couture.

Image credit: Haghia Sofia dress

Lecture Dates

2 Apr – 3 Apr 2018


Free - Open invitation