Comfort Zone (Home) I

This exhibition brings together the works from Basma Alsharif, Khalid al Gharaballi and Setareh Shahbazi.

Comfort zones are forms of concessions which we allow ourselves in times of global political uproar, violent conflicts, economic instability and in an era of increasing numbers of natural disasters. However, to be comfortable is mostly a privilege that comes with the right amount of wealth and access to education and is often linked to other determinant factors such as race, gender or nationality.

The exhibition reflects on comfort on different levels taking the notion of home and privacy as a point of departure. Bringing together the works of three international artists from different artistic backgrounds it addresses the comfort zone quite literally, as an allegory for the nation state and the establishment of borders or a form of escapism, as an (imaginary) place to which we want to retreat from the often overwhelming reality of our everyday life.

The exhibition is curated by Daniel Berndt.

Regular opening hours: Saturday to Thursday - From 9am to 5pm / Friday - Closed

Image caption: Khalid al Gharaballi, Default, 2016, 40cm x 50cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition Dates

17 Jan – 24 Feb 2019

Opening Reception

Wed / 16 Jan / 6:00pm


Free - Open invitation


The Gallery at VCUarts Qatar