Campus Safety & Security

VCUQatar has a campus security force. The campus security force consists of contracted guarding who do not possess police powers and are not sworn personnel. Qatar Foundation (QF) provides and administers this service. All students, faculty, staff and guests are encouraged to promptly report criminal incidents, accidents and other emergencies to campus security or to local authorities.

Reporting Criminal Incidents and other Emergencies at VCUQatar

Crimes and emergencies can be reported at any time of day or night seven days a week by calling the Qatar Foundation main security control room at (+974) 4454 0999, or the VCUQatar security control room at (+974) 4402 0769. Crimes and emergencies can be reported in person at the Qatar Foundation Central Plant Building to the VCUQatar Chief Safety Officer (CSO), Room 102, or at the Qatar Foundation main security control room, ground floor, Room G-04.

To further encourage the timely reporting of crimes on campus, the following persons have been designated as "campus security officials" to whom incidents may also be reported:

  • 24/7 VCUQatar Emergency Hotline: (+974) 4423 0399
  • Michael Arrighi, Chief Safety Officer, VCUQatar
    Office: (+974) 4402-0681  Mobile: (+974) 3013 3450
  • Gary Huff, Associate Dean for Administration, VCUQatar
    Office (+974)4402-0677  Mobile (+974) 7022 0926
  • Valerie Jeremijenko, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, VCUQatar
    Office (+974) 4402 0636  Mobile(+974)3013 3472
  • Linda Carter, Director of Human Resources, VCUQatar
    Office: (+974) 440-20549  (+974) 3013 3458

Campus Safety Reports

Safety reports are available for VCUQatar and VCU Richmond. You can access the Daily Incident Reports and Annual Report using the following links:

Security and fire safety report

Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to assisting all members of the community in providing for their own safety and security. The current annual security and fire safety report is available on the VCU website located at [PDF]

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the report, you can stop by the VCU Police Department at 938 W. Grace St. or you can request that a copy be mailed to you by calling (804) 828-6334.

The report contains information regarding campus security, personal safety, and fire and crime statistics related to our university community.

VCUQatar Building Access Rules

VCUQatar building access rules are established for the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors. VCUQatar wants to assure students and their parents that the safest possible environment is provided in which students can enjoy their education.

General Student Access

  1. The VCUQatar building is considered open to VCUQatar students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (unless conditions require closure, in which case signs will be posted).
  2. While students will show IDs to enter the building, students should carry their VCUQatar student ID at all times when at Education City. Students should provide their VCUQatar ID if asked by a security guard.
  3. Security guards, when requested, will open doors to classrooms for students to work on projects. Security guards will not unlock doors to allow students access to offices, electrical or mechanical rooms, custodial storage rooms, the Bookstore, Technology Services rooms or the Library.
  4. While in the building, students should report any incidents (injuries, suspicious activity, plumbing issues, etc.) immediately to the security guards on duty.        

Visitor Access

  1. All visitors MUST sign in at the main Security Desk, present a photo ID and receive a visitor badge. The photo ID will be retained by Security until the visitor leaves the building. If a visitor does NOT have a photo ID, he/she will not be allowed in the building, except as noted below.
  2. Visitors meeting the above requirement are allowed in the building during normal building hours: 8 am to 5 pm, Sunday through Thursday.
  3. Vendors (travel agents, office supply sales persons, hotel representatives, etc.) are not allowed in the building without an appointment. The vendor must provide Security with the name of the VCUQatar person with whom they are scheduled to meet, the VCUQatar person’s phone number and the time of the scheduled meeting. Security will call the VCUQatar person with whom the meeting is scheduled.
  4. Outside the hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Sunday through Thursday, visitors will only be allowed if they meet the above requirements and they have an appointment with faculty or staff. (Security will call the faculty or staff member for approval prior to admitting the visitor and the faculty or staff member must come to Security desk to meet the visitor.) OR if prior arrangement has been made for the visitor through a faculty or staff member and that faculty or staff member has left a letter of approval for the visitor with Security.
  5. No visitors are allowed in the building after 9 pm. After 9 pm only VCUQatar students, faculty and staff are allowed in the building (until 8 am the following morning).
  6. Anyone coming to pick up a student or deliver something to a student at any time must wait at Security for the student to come to the Security Desk.


  1. When there are events within the building such as conferences, films, lectures, when there are considerable VCUQatar faculty and staff and/or additional Security present to oversee the event and there are a considerable number of members of the general public and Education City community, as well as VCUQatar students attending the event.
  2. Community Class participants: class lists for Community Class participants will be provided to Security and Community Class participants must show photo ID to the security guards and have their name checked off the class list each week. They need not give their ID to Security.
  3. Education City and QF faculty, staff and students: EC and QF faculty, staff and students will be allowed into VCUQatar upon showing ID Sunday through Thursday between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm. Outside these days and hours, the above rules apply.

Access during Emergencies

  1. Emergencies are defined as fire, smoke, chemical spill, power outage or similar events that are potentially dangerous to occupants.
  2. In the event of fire, smoke or chemical spill, the building will be evacuated at the direction of the VCUQatar Chief Safety Officer (CSO) (or designee) or the QF Health, Security, Safety and Environment (HSSE) Department. The building should not be re-entered by anyone until the building is deemed to be safe by QF HSSE and permission to enter is given by the VCUQatar CSO (or designee).
  3. In the event of a power outage, after consultation by the VCUQatar CSO (or designee) with QF HSSE and QF Operations & Maintenance, the building may be closed until the power is restored. If the building is closed due to a power outage, no one except Security and VCUQatar and QF Facilities and Procurement staff will be allowed in the building for safety and security reasons.

Security Considerations in the Maintenance of Campus Facilities

Facilities and landscaping are maintained in a manner to minimize hazardous conditions. The maintenance of the campus is the responsibility of the Qatar Foundation Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Department. The Qatar Foundation HSSE department reports to M&E, in writing, conditions that could be hazardous. Additionally, lighting is monitored by Qatar Foundation HSSE officers and any lights that may not be working are reported to the M&E Department. Problems reported by visitors, students, faculty, staff, custodians, are sent to Qatar Foundation HSSE Department for action.

Enforcement Authority of Campus Security

Qatar Foundation is responsible for campus security. The Qatar Foundation HSSE Department has authority for security officers working on campus. Security officers are comprised of Qatar Foundation employees as well as contracted security officers assigned to Education City as a part of a third party contract with Tayseer Services. The Qatar Foundation HSSE Department and the contracted guard service has authority for ensuring compliance with applicable Education City protocols, but does not have the authority to arrest individuals who violate State of Qatar laws. The HSSE Security Office does have a relationship with State of Qatar Law Enforcement Officials whereby Qatari police and investigators can be brought in for investigation of criminal offences that allegedly occur within Education City.

Timely Warning Notices – Crime and Safety Alerts

To inform the community on crime and/or safety issues, Allyson Vanstone, Dean, working with the VCUQatar Crisis Management Team and in conjunction with the Qatar Foundation HSSE Director, will issue alerts to ensure that students, faculty and staff are made aware of serious crimes. Members of the community who know of a crime or other serious incident are encouraged to report the incident as soon as possible to university administrators so that the appropriate type of alert can be issued, if warranted. “Crime Alerts” are issued to advise the community about individual crimes against persons (e.g., an assault or robbery) or a series of crimes against property (e.g., multiple office thefts or burglaries in residence areas) in which the university itself or a member of the university community is a victim. University administrators work closely with individuals reporting serious crimes to ensure a victim’s privacy while also ensuring that the community has adequate information regarding potential risks.

These crime alerts will typically be issued through a posting to VCUQatar email distributions lists. In addition, as warranted by the emergency, the VCUQatar Internal Calling Tree will be activated, whereby individuals will receive an SMS on their mobile phone alerting them that the Calling Tree has been activated and an email and/or telephone call with full details will be arriving shortly and to stand by. Also the emergency SMS system can be used to issue short detailed instructions to the community during an emergency for individuals to follow (e.g., shelter in place and do not leave the building).

Crime Prevention Education and Awareness

All new faculty and staff, upon arrival to their assignment at the Qatar campus, experience a new employee orientation that includes a security and awareness presentation by the HSSE Department and the Human Resources Department covering a broad spectrum of issues. Included in the presentation are specific recommendations applicable to living and working within Education City and the State of Qatar.

Given the social and cultural mores of the people of the Middle East and the State of Qatar, the approach on the part of VCUQatar differs somewhat from the VCU Monroe Park or MCV campuses. Rather than offering public programs and workshops, the Office of Student Affairs offers opportunities for counseling and discourse by means of private educational sessions and counseling to students on various personal health and wellness matters ranging from drug and substance abuse to sexual harassment and personal safety.

Preventing and responding to sexual assault

All members of the university community are encouraged to take every measure available to eliminate rape and sexual assault on this campus. In addition to campus educational efforts, peer influence will be central to protecting members of the community from assault. Any student aware of a sexual assault on the campus is encouraged to immediately contact  the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs,  Sexual assault is prohibited by the State of Qatar and is an egregious violation of university community standards. In addition to potential criminal prosecution, VCUQatar community members found in violation of expectations regarding sexual assault may be removed from the university community.

What to do if you or someone you know is sexually assaulted

  • Get to a safe place. Following an assault, the primary concern is to get the victim to a safe place. Once there, the victim has several options to consider. If the assault occurred on VCUQ property, Education City, on a VCUQ sponsored and sanctioned function or while on Education City International housing she/he can:
    - Contact someone that she/he can trust – a friend or relative to stay with the victim and support her/him.
    - Call the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs or the Health, Wellness & International Student Coordinator.
    Valerie Jeremijenko, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: (+974) 4402-0636
    Lesley Gray, Health, Wellness & International Student Coordinator: (+974) 4402-0635
  • Seek medical attention. All victims of sexual assault are encouraged to seek medical attention as soon as possible after the assault to ensure their physical well-being. For assistance in obtaining medical attention please contact:
    - Hamad Women’s Hospital: (+974) 4439-6666
    - Qatar Foundation Medical Clinic: (+974) 4482-6887
  • Consider contacting local law enforcement in conjunction with VCUQatar officials. For assistance contact:
    - Michael Arrighi, VCUQatar Chief Safety Officer: office (+974) 4402-0681 or mobile (+974) 3013-3450
    - Valerie Jeremijenko, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs: (+974) 4402-0636
  • If the victim chooses not to go through the criminal justice system, there are disciplinary options available at VCUQatar. A victim can discuss on-campus procedures by calling the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at (+974) 4402-0636.
  • Consider contacting a counselor. Counseling services are available through the Office of Student Affairs at (+974) 4402-0635. Referrals to psychological and/or psychiatric services in the community are also made through this office.

The federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act requires institutions of higher education to issue a statement advising the campus community where information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained. The State of Qatar does not maintain a sex offender registry.

VCUQatar Crime Statistics

The following statistical information was furnished by the Qatar Foundation. In addition, no hate crimes were reported by the Qatar Foundation.

Offenses for 2011, 2010 & 2009

Murder/Non-negligent manslaughter = 0

Negligent manslaughter = 0

Forcible sex offenses = 0

Non-forcible sex offenses = 0

Robbery = 0

Aggravated assault = 0

Hate crimes = 0

Burglary = 0

Motor vehicle theft = 0

Larceny = 0

Arson = 0

Liquor law violations = 0

Drug violations = 0

Weapon violations = 0

Alcohol and Drug Policies

Alcohol and Other Drug Policies

All members of the VCUQatar community are expected to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities pursuant to university policy as well as the laws of the State of Qatar.

Alcohol Policy

Faculty, staff and students at VCUQatar are expected to be acquainted with and abide by all applicable laws and university regulations regarding alcohol and drugs and to be aware of the social, physiological and psychological consequences of excessive drinking in order to make responsible and informed decisions about the serving and consumption of alcohol. Alcohol consumption is heavily regulated in the State of Qatar and forbidden to all Muslims. There are also strict laws that must be followed with respect to the possession, use and sale of alcoholic beverages by non-Muslims and these requirements are administered by the State of Qatar. All members of the VCUQatar community are expected to follow these requirements in order to obtain a permit that allows alcoholic beverages to be purchased from State of Qatar authorized vendors.