43) Introduction to Film Making

Convert your story into Film
Let others see your imagination!

In my childhood, I always loved watching movies
and animations, my dream was to start making
them. Sadly, I didn’t find this field in Qatar so
I traveled across the world to Malaysia. When
I came back and I worked in a school, I found many
kids from different ages interested in making
movies. I decided to teach them and courage them
to follow their dreams.
“You don’t need expensive equipment to start you
own film.”

Yeah that’s right! Many famous movie makers started with a simple short
movie filmed with smartphone or a simple camera. You just need to know the
tricks and to have passion!

Number of Classes 

16 Classes + Presentation Day

Twice a week – WED & SAT
1.lecture / 1. tutorial

Dates From Wed 17 Oct till Sat 8 Dec

1. Lecture: 1 hour (Wed) 5 pm till 6 pm

2. Tutorial: 1 hour and 30 mins (Sat) 11 am till 12:30 pm

Number of participants  12 members (3 groups/4 members)

*Lecture is important before each tutorial, they need brief before doing it on their films.
*Lecture sessions are short because I will be presenting on Wednesday evening so we don’t interrupt
other classes.
*Tutorial sessions are longer, to be able helping the students working on their films.
*Dividing them into groups is better since the duration is short of the whole course, being in group help
members film faster.
*The time/ day of the tutorial is important on Saturday afternoon, so the place is empty and they can film
around the campus or after the session.

Class Outline

What we will be learning together?



Wed 17 Oct – Lecture - Orientation session – Introducing all the members, dividing groups and choosing the film topic.


Sat 20 Oct – Tutorial – Start writing the story and production schedule for each group.


Wed 24 Oct – Lecture – Start writing the story and production schedule for each group and story board.


Sat 27 Oct – Tutorial – Discussing their story treatment and teach them acting and body language.


Wed 31 Oct – Lecture – Cinematography – camera movements, how to film with smart phones or DSLR camera – Sound recording



Sat 3 Nov – Tutorial – Start filming and acting! Using green screen if possible


Wed 7 Nov – Lecture – Start your channel on Youtube – how to prepare your own sound library.


Sat 10 Nov – Tutorial – Finish filming and acting!


Wed 14 Nov – Lecture – Introduction how to use adobe after effects (part1) and sound editing.



Sat 17 Nov – Tutorial - Work in the Lab and bring footages and sound on hardisk – import materials into after effects.


Wed 21 Nov – Lecture – how to use adobe after effects (part 2)


Sat 24 Nov – Tutorial – keep working on editing.


Wed 28 Nov – Lecture – how to promote your film – design poster and group logo on adobe photoshop.


Sat 1 Dec – Tutorial - Work in the Lab and design poster and logo by adobe photoshop.


Wed 5 Dec – Lecture – how to present your film – test presentation within us only.


Sat 8 Dec – Tutorial – Last session before presentation – consultation session where they can get my help in editing or re-shooting or design concept for promoting. ( I need to meet each group individually).


End of the course

Wed 12 Dec – Consultation if needed (you can remove)


Sat 15 Dec – The presentation day – I chose weekend so members can bring their relatives with them.


Judges and VIP to attend the event (we will be given the certificates for all students – the winner group gets trophy like Hollywood with the name of the university. 

Please note: VCUQatar reserves the right to cancel classes for which not enough participants are registered. Already paid fees will be refunded.

Please do not purchase materials until VCUQatar has sent final course confirmation.

Items to buy for this class


1. Lab/ lecture room

2. Green screen Studio / Sound recording Studio (if they are not available we can book at QNL )


Classroom Materials:

3 DSLR camera (one for each group)

3 sound recorders (one for each group)


Student Materials:

DSLR camera (if available)


Harddisk/ USB Flash


Classroom set up:

Internet connection

Adobe after effects and Adobe Photoshop

On occasions, there may be some more materials to be bought and brought in if and when advised by the instructor.

Where to buy your materials

Most of the materials are available from any art supply shop, for example:

  • Cass Art (Fire station): Community Classes students get a 15% discount upon presenting the registration ticket
  • Jarir Bookstore: on Rayyan Road or Salwa Road
  • Color Note: on Al Nasser Street
  • Ibn Al Qayyim: at Markhiya Roundabout
  • Al Rawnaq

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Terms & Conditions apply

Participants must buy their own materials

Wed, 17 Oct, 2018
Sat, 8 Dec, 2018
Wed & Sat
5:00pm- 6:00pm (Wed) & 11:00am- 12:30pm (Sat)
VCUQatar, Room 215
QAR 2000


Nadia Mechaal Haj Ali

I’m an Artist, Animator, Filmmaker, Actress, a Voice Actress, a Teacher and a Photographer. I love learning about everything (Languages, Politics, and Religion) also teaching after learning. I would like to give something special and creative, I don’t want to be just a worker in a company getting orders! Usually, I love dealing with kids and show them how to express themselves through acting, drawing, and arts generally. I’m having such an amazing understandable parent who allowed me to travel and learn without limits.