28) Web Design & Print Production Fundamentals

Amidst the current challenges between the different media, this course shed the light on the structure of digital data and its application to Print and Online graphics.

Part I begins with examination of how computer works. Showing the pixels that make up a raster image. Part II covers the nuts and bolts of print reproduction, while Part III discusses file preparation for online. Graphics with an eye on Web design and other platforms processes. The course provides practical experience in essential studio processes and procedures, critiques, and group discussion. There is no need for the participants to have a prior experience in Adobe creative suite programs, they will be supported for one-on-one quick guide by the instructor as needed.

Class Outline

  1. PART I
    Introduction to Computer Graphics: - A Designer’s tool - Analog to Digital conversio - The screen image - Input/output devices
  2. PART II
    Production for PRINT : The process - Quality issues
  3. Digital Prepress (A) - Some Dos and Don’ts
  4. Digital Prepress (B) - Achieving accurate files / Present and discuss the final project
    Production for The Web: - Internet Origins - Similarities and Differences in Production and Design
  6. Website Components
  7. Planning a Website / What are the rules / Designing for different browsers and platforms
  8. Present and discuss the final project

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Tue, 15 Jan, 2019
Tue, 5 Mar, 2019
5:15 pm -7:15pm
VCUQatar, Room 213
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Nesma Magdy Khodier

is a researcher and multidisciplinary designer. She received her BFA in Graphic and Visual
communication at the University of Fine Arts in Alexandria and received her MFA in Design Studies at
Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, 2016

She has delved into various areas of Print, Advertising, Branding, Electronic Publishing & Marketing
through some national and international agencies. Now, As a visual communicator, graphic designer,
creative individual it is her job to understand, innovate and give back to her audience.
Therefore she educates her students to be capable of exploring diverse problem-solving methodologies,
integrates creative and intellectual thinking for all purposes of effective visual communication with
professional practices.